Losing or missing a tooth is a hassle no one wants to deal with. Lost natural teeth can be replaced by dentures, bridges, or dental implants. Dental Implants are usually the best option amongst the three.

If you are missing multiple teeth, All-On-4® implant technique might be the right option for you! It is basically a bridge-like device, mounted on the arch with just 4 implants serving as an anchor. The All-On-4® bridge consists of acrylic fused to titanium, monolithic zirconia, and porcelain stacked to a cobalt-chromium frame. 

Removable Implant Supported Dentures Parallell AllOn4

 Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry recognized as an official All-on-4 treatment center of excellencePros

  1. Implant and teeth are placed in one day! 
  2. The All-On-4® is a permanent solution if you are missing all your teeth 
  3. Less implants, less surgeries, it’s that simple!
  4. Teeth look natural 
  5. The All-On-4® is a permanent solution if you all your teeth are failing. 
  6. There are no limitations. You can eat whatever you like whenever you want! 
  7. They can be easily cleaned by regular brushing and using mouthwashes.
  8. The All-On-4® are much more comfortable than a normal denture. 
  9. Teeth are secure- you don’t have to worry about teeth slipping out
  10. NO denture adhesive


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Are You An All-On-4® Candidate?

  1. Edentulous: The All-On-4® is a favorite for full mouth rehabilitation of completely edentulous patients (missing all teeth)  
  2. If your teeth are in a difficult condition to restore due to grinding, decay, and worn-down teeth. 
  3. Gum disease which led to loss of teeth. 
  4. If you don’t have enough bone in the back part of your jaw, traditional implants might not be an option. Such cases can be a good candidate for All-On-4® system as it only needs 4 screws, placed on the front region of the arch, where the bone is thicker.

The different parts of a dental implant

Procedural Steps

  1. A consultation with your dentist which includes a 3-D scan and all necessary x-rays. 
  2. A treatment plan is drafted based on the number of tooth extractions and position of implants. 
  3. Implants are surgically placed in your jawbone. Sedation options are available! 
  4. Within a few hours, teeth will be mounted on the freshly placed implants.
  5. After 6 months, another 3-D scan and x-rays will be taken to assess the implants
  6. Another set of teeth will be made from stronger material 

The All-On-4® Implant procedure can be an ideal solution to your problems. Enhance your smile and quality of life and enjoy a youthful smile, while maintaining your chewing habits and speech pattern. Make the first step, schedule your consultation today! 

Before and Afters:

Images below are from real patients at FICDentistry.

Before and after dental implant cosmetic surgery
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