Tooth Extraction In Brandon, FL

What is meant by a tooth extraction?

Dentist tools holding a tooth after a tooth extraction procedure.During a tooth extraction in Brandon, FL, a dentist the anchored tooth from the root and from the patient's mouth. Having a tooth removed or pulled is necessary when the teeth are crowded, trauma has happened to the tooth/teeth, decay is present, infections have taken over the tooth, gum disease is evidenced, and for wisdom teeth that could cause problems. Extractions generally apply only to adult teeth as “baby teeth” fall out on their own.

How do dentists pull a tooth out?

A Brandon, FL dentist can perform a simple extraction or a surgical extraction. A simple extraction is used when the tooth is visible and easily accessible by the dentist. The procedure is started by the dentist who will numb the area with an anesthetic. He/she then will then need to open the patient's mouth by using what is called an elevator which is followed by the dentist using an extraction forcep to remove the tooth. Once the tooth has been safely removed, the dentist will clean out the tooth socket, remove bone and tissue, compress the socket to reshape the jawbone, manage any bleeding, and the close the open space.

If a surgical extraction is necessary, it means that the tooth being pulled is in a more critical condition or area. This could be caused by a broken tooth, has too long of roots, is impacted, or hasn't even entered in the mouth for some reason. Sometimes an oral surgeon will perform surgical extractions but an experienced general dentist should have no problem, and even often times more experience, pulling the tooth out.

What are the risks of getting a tooth pulled out?

If you get a tooth pulled out, you can develop dry sockets after but this only occurs in less than 5% of all extractions. A dry socket can occur if a blood clot does not form or if it breaks too early. The tooth would then be exposed to food and air. There is an increased risk of getting a dry socket if you use a straw or smoke within 48 hours after you get the tooth pulled out. Additionally, if you get a tooth extracted, damage to the surrounding area can occur or even an infection,. This is very unlikely but if you have concerns, please talk to your dentist about them.

How long does it take for a tooth extraction to heal?

The answer to this, of course, depends on what type of extraction you have. Both, a simple and surgical extraction, will take about 24 hours to stop bleeding. Minor bleeding could occur even after multiple days depending on how severe the procedure was. After a week, the bleeding should be completely done, swelling should be down significantly, and pain should be minor. Tissue can take almost 4 weeks to heal and bone may even take up to 6 months. You shouldn't have noticed the lack of tissue or bones healing though. You should be able to eat and drink relatively quickly after your extraction.

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