Brandon, FL Sedation Dentistry (IV Sedation)

Sedation Dentistry in Brandon, FL

Hearth rate monitor while patient is under iv sedation for their pain free dental procedure.Are you in need of a Brandon, FL dental treatment but are letting dental anxiety stand in your way? Ever wish you could sail through dental visits without anxiety or fear? Answering “yes” to these questions could mean that you're a perfect candidate for sedation dentistry. Do not fear, with sedation dentistry you can forget about even the slightest dental cleaning and focus on pure relaxation during your trip to the dentist in Brandon, FL.

Why patients choose Sedation Dentistry

  • Fear of needles and/or injections
  • Special needs
  • Dreadful previous experiences with other dental offices
  • Hyperactive gag reflex
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Need to complete a large amount of dental work in one sitting
  • Complex dental problems
  • Uneasiness with standard dental sounds, odors, tastes, or vibrations
  • Embarrassment concerning teeth and gums

Sedation Levels

There are different levels of sedation to accommodate each and every patient:

  • Minimal sedation involves inhaling nitrous oxide (commonly referred to as “laughing gas”). Nitrous oxide helps a patient relax and wears off quickly.
  • Conscious sedation is a moderate level of sedation that causes drowsiness and is taken in pill form.
  • Deep IV sedation is typically administered intravenously and works very quickly. With IV sedation, many patients fall asleep but can be easily awakened.
  • General anesthesia, you are completely unconscious and cannot be easily awakened. General anesthesia requires the services of an anesthesiologist since the patient is unable to breath, swallow or cough. Conversely, with mild to moderate sedation, there is no need for an anesthesiologist, protective reflexes are intact, you swallow and breath on your own, yet you may sleep, you are relaxed and remember little or nothing of your procedure.

It is estimated that approximately 30 to 40 million Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of dental anxiety. Do not become a statistic and inquire with our office as to which sedation method would be best for you!

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