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6 of the Best Types of Toothpaste for Your Dental Hygiene Routine

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If you have younger children at home, a non-fluoride toothpaste may be beneficial if they are always ingesting their toothpaste by accident.

If you’re in the midst of choosing a toothpaste for your pearly white chompers, then you know how overwhelming the grocery or pharmacy aisle can be.

With dozens of brands available and numerous varieties that address different oral concerns, knowing which toothpaste will work best for you is difficult to discern.

The easiest way to narrow down the choices is by looking at the best kinds of toothpaste for each type of dental concern.

1. Fluoride Toothpaste: Fight Tooth Decay & Infections

Getting toothpaste with fluoride in it is recommended for adults as this is one of the best ways to fight against tooth decay and infections. It also helps strengthen your enamel and a lot of brands add in whitening and plaque control to these varieties as well. 

The best brands for this are Colgate Cavity Protection, and Crest Toothpaste Gum Detoxify Deep Clean.

2. Tartar Control Toothpaste: Combat Plaque

If you get a lot of hard deposits on your teeth (tartar), it can lead to gum inflammation, bad breath, and gum disease. These types of toothpaste contain both sodium hexametaphosphate and pyrophosphate which prevents new deposits of tartar from forming on teeth.

Options for this include Arm & Hammer PeroxiCare Tartar Control Fluoride Toothpaste with Baking Soda and Crest Tartar Control Toothpaste.

3. Whitening Toothpaste: Removing Stains

If you like to consume a lot of foods that naturally stain your teeth or are someone who smokes regularly, then a whitening toothpaste that removes stains may be best for you.  These types of toothpaste contain abrasives and cleaners that whiten up your teeth while providing a shield that prevents new stains from forming. 

A great option for this is Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste as it whitens teeth while still protecting those with sensitive gums & teeth.

If your teeth aren’t sensitive, the next best toothpaste for whitening is Colgate’s Optic White Platinum Stainless White Toothpaste.

4. Sensitivity Removal Toothpaste

It sucks not being able to eat or drink certain hot or cold beverages or food items because your teeth twinge.  Toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate remove the painful sensations associated with sensitivity, so you can get back to enjoying your favorite items. 

Excellent toothpaste options for this are Sensodyne’s Pronamel Gentle Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth, and Sensodyne Repair & Protect.

5. Toothpaste for Gum Disease

If you have been diagnosed with periodontitis and experience inflammation in the gums, bleeding gums, and plaque buildup, definitely look at getting a toothpaste designed to fight against gum disease.

One of the best for this is Parodontax which fights gingivitis, cavities, and comes in a clean mint flavor.

6. Non-Fluoride Toothpaste

If you have younger children at home, a non-fluoride toothpaste may be beneficial if they are always ingesting their toothpaste by accident.

The two best kinds of toothpaste for this are Hello Oral Care Kids Fluoride Free and Tom’s of Maine Fluoride Free Children’s Toothpaste.   

If you are looking for a specialty toothpaste, such as an all-natural option or a charcoal activated option, then the best in these categories are Himalaya Neem & Pomegranate Toothpaste, and Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Toothpaste.

If you’d like to learn which type of toothpaste will work best for you, check the condition of your teeth, or maybe even make some cosmetic enhancements, feel free to get in touch today.

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