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If you or your loved one unfortunately lost a tooth or more, or you are no longer keen on wearing dentures, then dental implants may be the Patient mouth with missing teeth before dental implant procedure in brandon flsolution you've been looking for. Accidents or illness can mar your wonderful dentition, but rest assured that you can have that back without much ado. In East Tampa, FL, getting a high quality, safe yet affordable dental implant is within easy reach with highly skilled East Tampa FL cosmetic dentists at Family, Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dental Implants in East Tampa

It is high time you stopped feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable with missing teeth. A tooth replacement is something that is easily achievable with an East Tampa dental implant. Dental implants are a surgical procedure which specialized cosmetic dentists use to give your mouth a complete makeover. A dental implant post is introduced into your jawbone then allowed to heal and integrate with the surrounding jawbone and gum. Acting as artificial roots for the new tooth/crown, the crown is securely attached to it, giving you a new tooth that feels just like your natural tooth. Your brilliant smile is restored, you can comfortably chew, and best of all, you have drastically reduced the incidence of dental ailment.

Brandon dental patient's back teeth with dental implant posts in before getting dental implants completed Brandon dental patient's back teeth with crown on after getting dental implants.

Slide to see the before and after dental implant surgery. 

Are You An East Tampa Dental Implant Candidate?

Not everybody with dental issue needs a dental implant. Our experienced East Tampa Cosmetic Dentists will thoroughly examine you to ascertain whether or not you need a Dental Implant using X-rays and scans.

Here are some signs that Family, Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry look for:

Facts About Dental Implants:

The process of dental implant is a sure way of restoring your dental health and the end results are amazing. The signs mentioned above are but a step in the surgical preparation. Before our experienced oral surgeons will consider you for an East Tampa dental implant, you should:

  • Have a missing or damaged tooth
  • Be in good health, especially as regards your mouth
  • Have an already developed jawbones
  • Have enough strong bones.

Dental implants are becoming more and more popular for some of the following reasons:

  • Dental implants have a natural feel and look to it
  • They are completely comfortable just like your healthy natural teeth
  • They can last as long as a lifetime if properly taken care of
  • The danger of slipping off or falling out can never arise
  • Dental implant allows you to eat and chew whatever food you desire
  • With dental implants, you can prevent periodontal diseases and loss of bone.

Your dental health and dazzling smile are restored alongside your self-confidence once the implant is performed by professional cosmetic dentists.

You need specialized and experienced cosmetic dentist for your East Tampa dental implant. At Family, Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, we come highly recommended and have been providing oral health solutions in Brandon, FL for years. We begin with free implant consultation to restore and revitalize your dental health at affordable rates.

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