Bruxism Treatment In Brandon, FL

Teeth Grinding & Bruxism Treatment

TMJ & Bruxism diagram and treatment planTeeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, becomes a problem when teeth are grinded on a regular basis. While teeth grinding can be deliberate and done consciously, many times it occurs subconsciously while awake without notice or even while a patient sleeps.

Teeth grinding can be the result of stress, anxiety, jaw misalignment, or other causes depending on the individual patient. Teeth grinding while sleeping could also be the cause of a sleep disorder.

Harm of Teeth Grinding

Occasionally, teeth grinding in Brandon, FL may not cause concern, however habitual, repeated grinding can cause severe damage to both the teeth and the jaw. Injuries that can result include teeth fractures, teeth loosening, loss of teeth, jaw and tooth soreness, headaches, TMJ Disorder, or loss of tooth filling.

Ways to Treat Teeth Grinding in Brandon, FL

Teeth grinding treatment is based on a case-by-case basis depending on the cause for each individual patient. Crooked or misaligned teeth may be corrected by a dentist or oral surgeon for either cosmetic or therapeutic treatment.

A custom-fitted “bite plate” can also be made by a dentist to protect against subconscious teeth grinding during the night or even during sleep. While over-the-counter mouth guards can be bought to reduce the friction between the upper and lower jaws, most patients find these to be invasive and noticeable while trying to fall asleep compared to custom-fitted bite plate.

While factors such as stress and anxiety would not be treatable in a dentist’s office, a doctor may be able to present remedies for coping with stressful situations.

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