Brandon, FL Teeth Xray

3D Teeth X-ray in Brandon, FL

Teeth xray with multiple angles of the mouthDental X-rays have come a long way. Today’s technological advancements have provided innovative technology that allows dental professionals to analyze three-dimensional images of a patient’s skull and teeth to be able to diagnose dental complications faster. 3-D teeth X-rays in Brandon, FL are safer, faster, more comfortable, and more informative than the X-rays of years past.

3-D X-rays show more than that previous “flat” X-rays by providing complete visual imagery to allow dentists to review your teeth from every angle. 3-D X-rays create a full three-dimensional image of a patient’s entire jaw in under thirty seconds. A feat that would take 18 separate X-rays and significantly more time to accomplish in a standard 2-D X-ray.Because 3D X-rays can be viewed instantly (well almost) by you and your dentist on a LCD monitor, the scans can be duplicated and sent to different specialists if needed.

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Benefits of 3d Xrays to our patients:

  • The brevity of the scan means the patient experiences the least amount of radiation possible
  • The patient will experience added comfort of only having to take one image instead of multiple from varying angles that have to be updated on a yearly basis
  • No longer are any foreign object necessary to complete the scan as the 3-D imagery scans around the outside of the patient’s head
  • Infections, sinus problems, and lesions that were all previously undetectable can now be properly evaluated by dental professionals