Are There Reasons To Not Get Dental Implants

Are There Reasons To Not Get Dental Implants?

Dreaming of a complete, confident smile? While dental implants are often touted as one of the top solutions for missing teeth due to their unmatched stability, natural looks, and long-lasting results, they’re not for everyone. There are certain reasons to not get dental implants, and knowing if you fall into any of these categories can help you explore alternative solutions and make the best decision for your smile.

Discover The 2 Key Factors For Implant Suitability & Build a Brighter Smile

Before we get to the reasons to not get dental implants, there are 2 key prerequisites you must have for your implants to be successful.

1. You must have a healthy mouth. Dental implants require a strong foundation in the gums and jawbone. Getting underlying health issues like uncontrolled diabetes or periodontal disease is key to get your mouth into a healthy spot and ready to receive an implant.

2. You must have enough bone density to support the implant. Since dental implants are anchored into your jawbone, if it's too thin or has experienced significant resorption from prolonged tooth loss, additional treatments like bone grafting, may be required..

6 Possible Reasons To Not Get Dental Implants

1. You’re A Young Adult With a Developing Jawbone. While there is no definitive upper age limit, a reason to not get dental implants as a male under 25 or female under 21, has to do with how an implant can impact future jawbone growth. It’s often better to use camouflaging techniques in the interim until your jawbone reaches full maturity.

2. Smoking or Chewing Tobacco Are Regular Habits. Smoking and chewing tobacco can impact dental implant success, by dislodging blood clots and disrupting healing. We’ll chat with you about your willingness to quit or reduce usage, even temporarily, to optimize your chances of a smooth healing process and long-lasting results. We’re happy to provide guidance on effective cessation methods but understand that quitting is challenging. So, if you’re unable to make this lifestyle change, we’ll explore alternative tooth replacement solutions.

3. You Find Oral Hygiene Practices Hard to Maintain. Just like your natural teeth, dental implants thrive in a clean environment. Regular brushing, flossing, and keeping up with professional cleanings are the key to maintaining a healthy smile and maximizing the success of your implants. If establishing a healthy oral hygiene routine is a challenge, this may be a reason to chat with us about alternative solutions that match your lifestyle better.

4. Underlying Medical Conditions & Prescriptions. If you’re someone with a medical condition or disease that impairs the healing process like a compromised immune system, a history of radiation therapy (head or neck), uncontrolled diabetes, or you’re taking bone-modifying medications, these may be reasons to not get dental implants. We’ll carefully evaluate your health status to determine if precautions can be taken or if alternative treatments like dental bridges or dentures are better suited to you.

5. Cost Considerations & Non-Insurance Coverage. High-quality dental implants are expensive, and because most insurances don’t cover them (cosmetic treatment), this is often quoted as a reason to not get dental implants. However, we believe that the benefits the implant provides outweighs the initial upfront cost and in some cases, insurance may cover the crown portion of the process. Here at FIC, we provide financing options to help make the implant journey as affordable and accessible as possible to all our patients.

6. Unable to Adapt to Temporary Dietary Restrictions. We recommend a temporary diet focused on soft, nutritious foods to prevent disruption of the implant as it fuses to your jawbone. If you have a limited dietary repertoire, or are unwilling to make this temporary adjustment, this may be a reason to not get dental implants. Many of our patients find that getting dental implants affords the opportunity to explore new recipes and culinary experiences, and our team is happy to provide guidance on soft food options.

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