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Dental Tips for Children

Brandon dentist patient with toy mouth in front of her mouth. If you have a child in Brandon, FL, this pediatric dentistry post is for you! As a child, brushing your teeth is essential in order to maintain proper oral health.Primary teeth need protection from germs as they hold the child’s jaw straight, help them in chewing and hold the space for future adult teeth to grow.

The healthy and white teeth of a child will help them in boosting confidence levels to participate in their social or educational activities. If a kid develops the routine of teeth cleaning at an early age then this habit will benefit him/her for the rest of their life. On the other hand, if the child’s teeth are not well taken care of and they get tooth decay, then it can cause a problem, potentially prohibiting their teeth from growing in straight. To prevent these tooth issues later in life, it is necessary that a teeth cleaning habit starts early in their life.

When to start the oral care of a child?

At our dental office, we get this question a lot. They want to know what age is perfect to start brushing or flossing their kids’ teeth. It is suggested to start the oral care of a child as soon as their teeth start to grow and the child starts eating. It is usually when a child is 2 to 3 years old. As soon as their teeth start to grow, a child starts using them to eat and chew. Particles from the food get all over their teeth and then cause bacteria to start to grow. You need to floss your child’s teeth regularly to pick out this excess food which could harm their teeth.

10 dental care tips for children

  1. Create examples: Children learn by watching. Show your kids that you brush your teeth to teach them good habits from the start. Show them videos relating the importance of good oral care and make it look like a fun activity.
  2. Choose a dentist: Bring your child with you to your next visit to a Brandon, FL dentist office to make an introduction.  If your child recognizes a dentist then it will be easier for a dentist to have a routine checkup in a friendly way. We suggest to take your kid to dentist at least once before their first dental check up and cleaning.
  3. Brushing teeth reminder: Remind them to brush their teeth twice a day. If possible, stay with them during brushing. Teach them to do it in a proper way and how to  not waste toothpaste. The ideal time for kids to brush is before going to school and before going to bed.
  4. Keep telling them importance of oral hygiene: You must tell your child the  importance of keeping your mouth and teeth clean. Teach them how to floss. Tell them about the problems that can occur if they don't keep their mouths clean.
  5. Add a nutritious diet: Make sure that your child is never skipping breakfast. Additionally, ensure they are eating real food rather than processed and artificial foods. This has many additional benefits which we don't need to go over here for obvious reasons.
  6. Usage of straw: Kids love drinking juice and soda drinks, but these drinks can initiate many teeth problems. Mainly, they make teeth more yellow in color. Develop a habit of using a straw while drinking these drinks. Minimum contact with these drinks and your teeth will help in decreasing their effect. We strongly suggest children to stay away from soda completely.
  7. Reduce sweet products: Kids also love eating sweet candies and chocolates. After eating such items they do not take care of their teeth. At a young age, their teeth are more prone to growing bacteria after eating these candies. It's important to limit the amount of candy your child eats, as well as making sure they clean their teeth after eating it.
  8. Reward them for healthy habits: If your kid is properly brushing his/her teeth then you should encourage them by giving them little treats or rewards afterwards.
  9. Avoid sharing: Teach your kids not to share the glass, spoons or food with other people. Bacteria can pass from one person’s mouth to another through sharing drinks and food.
  10. Healthy habits chart: Make a chart for your kid and paste it inside their room. The chart should tell them to start following habits like:
  •   Avoiding sweets before bed
  •   Brushing daily
  •   Flossing  teeth regularly
  •   Visit the dentist


Oral hygiene among kids may seem tedious but it is not difficult. You just have to pay a little attention and time to make sure your child’s teeth are being properly cared for. As a dental office in Brandon Florida we see lots of children for their bi-annual dental cleanings. If you or anyone you know has any questions about children's dentistry, give us a call today or schedule an appointment for your little one. 

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