What Are Dental Implants Made Of – The 2024 Materials Overview

Thinking about filling those gaps in your smile with dental implants, but unsure about what’s going into your mouth? If you’d feel a lot better about knowing what dental implants are made of, then keep on reading. This 2024 dental implant materials guide, explores the biocompatible materials titanium and zirconia, provides a breakdown of their benefits, what the difference is between their designs (1 and 2 piece), and looks at up-and-coming dental implant materials.

The O.G. - Titanium Alloys - The Tried and True Dental Implant Material

What Is The Dental Implant Material Titanium?

Titanium is a lustrous transition metal that has a silver color, is low density, and high strength. In its purest form, it’s as strong as some steels, but much lighter in weight. As a material for dental implants it offers the perfect blend between tried-and-true benefits and cutting-edge enhancements:

1. Biocompatible. Your body readily accepts titanium, minimizing the risk of rejection or allergic reactions.

2. It has incredible strength and durability in alloy form, being composed of titanium (90%), aluminum (6%), and vanadium (4%), and can withstand the forces of biting and chewing better than ever.

3. It has seamless fusion with the jawbone, making it a strong, reliable base for your new crown.

4. There’s no other dental implant material with a touted 95% success rate.

5. It’s lifespan is in the decades with proper care

As titanium advances as a dental implant material (see TI-6AI-4V,) there may be extra benefits like enhanced strength-to-weight ratio, improved corrosion resistance, and the ability to mimic the mechanical properties of your natural teeth more closely.

Zirconia - The Aesthetic Alternative Dental Implant Material

While titanium alloys have been the go-to for a while now, zirconia is emerging as a fantastic alternative, especially for those with metal sensitivities or those who’re looking for a more natural look.

What Is The Dental Implant Material Zirconia?

Zirconia is a ceramic material routinely used in the fabrication of crowns and bridges that has gained traction in recent years as dental implant material due to its durability and tooth-like appearance. The key benefits of zirconia as a dental implant material include:

1. Zirconia’s white color closely resembles natural teeth, making it an excellent choice for front tooth replacements or patients who have receding gum lines.

2. It works really well for patients who need their implants to be metal free due to allergies or personal preference.

3. It’s nearly as strong as titanium and is biocompatible, reducing risk of reactions or rejection by the body.

4. Some studies show that zirconia accumulates less plaque than titanium, potentially leading to better gum health.

5. New surface treatments enhance zirconia’s integration with bone tissue, potentially speeding up healing and improving implant stability.

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece - Exploring Design Differences

There are two main designs for dental implants based on their material; 1 and 2 pieces.

1. A Classic 2-Piece Design - Titanium consists of the implant screw which replaces the tooth root, and the abutment, which connects the screw to the visible crown. This 2-piece design allows for a deeper insertion of the dental implant into your jaw, but requires a multi-step treatment protocol.

2. A 1-Piece Wonder - Zirconia dental implants are a single unit, allowing the implant insertion to be done in a single, streamlined session. But, the 1-piece construction can also be tricky to insert, requiring great expertise from your implant dentist.

What Are Dental Implants Made Of? Looking At Innovative Beyond 2024

While titanium and zirconia remain the all-stars of dental implant materials, researchers are constantly tinkering and testing new materials, and there are a few exciting possibilities on the horizon. “Next-gen” materials like carbon fiber-reinforced polymers and ceramic-metal composites are being considered for future implant designs, which may last longer, look more natural, and fuse quicker.

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